Durham Cathedral

19 March 2012

I wanted to try out a new combination of camera, lens and film so have been lugging around a Canon FTb with a sweet Pentacon 50mm prime attached to it via an adaptor (the Pentacon is m42 fitment) loaded with a roll of TMax 400.  I processed the film last week but have only just managed to scan it today and this is just one of the photos off the roll.  I’m fairly pleased with the results, the 400iso TMax is fairly forgiving in most situations and seems to have a decent balance between contrast, tone and grain.

I knew the Pentacon was a gem, having used it in the past with good results, but the FTb was new territory having had it given to me by a workmate who found it in his attic! Turns out its a very nice camera to use, perhaps a touch on the heavy side – especially with the Pentacon attached – but based on the results of this film it could well replace my Yashica Electro as my 35mm weapon of choice.

For the Dev-nerds, TMax 400 in Rodinal @ 1:80 for 16mins, inversion for first minute then every 2mins, seems to have kept the grain down nicely.