Tyne Bridge Tower

28 March 2011

The Tyne Bridge Tower building will be familiar to most people crossing the Tyne regularly – though certainly not for its architectural significance. Located on the Gateshead banks of the river, just along from the futuristic Sage building, its 13 stories of 1960s concrete clad exercise in function-over-form.  Abandoned by its former owners, the Inland Revenue, in 2005 and vacant ever since, its now scheduled for demolition and as I write this that operation is well under way.  It does have a redeeming quality though and one that was worth putting effort in to exploiting.

Its height combined with its position give it a unique view  across the Tyne to Newcastle, up the river towards Northumberland and east to the sea as well as out across Gateshead in the opposite direction.  I’d always thought it would be good to see if the views lived up to what I imagined and since the site is due for redevelopment, those views may not exist for very much longer.

I got in touch with One North East and asked very nicely if I might be able to get access along with a couple of fellow photographers, not expecting much joy. I was pleased to find that their PR department shared my opinion and thought there was value in pursuing things further.  Cutting a long email-exchange short, a few weeks later I was climbing the 13 stories clutching my camera gear and feeling excited.

I must thank Bryn Littleton for his efforts in arranging things – without him I wouldn’t have had opportunity to take some very unique images.

More photographs are up on my Flickr page